What Is Extra Buy-In

An additional buy-in in poker tournaments is called a re-buy – in English Re-buy. This will indicate an additional purchase of gambling chips, most often in the amount of the initial stack (the same number of chips as was given to the player who paid the buy-in). A re-buy is made if the player has less chips in the bank, less than at the beginning of the game, or if he loses. The Re-buy cost is the same as the buy-in cost.

This is not a common phenomenon, but in some poker tournaments, players have the option to re-buy twice or three times. There is also a time limit – a participant will be able to use the re-buy in the first half hour or hour of the tournament, and the next flight will be final. Other dates may be specified, for example – before the final of the second round or within two hours of the event.

As soon as the re-buy period is over, the participants remaining at the table can be offered to make an add-on (in English Add-on) – to replenish their stack at will, regardless of how many chips they have. Then the tournament will continue as usual.

As mentioned above, not every tournament is allowed to re-buy. Players in poker rooms are familiar with the letter “R” in the lobby – this indicates the possibility of an additional buy-in – for example, “$ 100 + R” tells the player that he can re-buy the original stack for an additional hundred dollars or others conventional units.

Summing up a kind of result, we can draw the following conclusions – buy-in is a cash contribution or, in simple words, a fee for entering the tournament. It is formed from two main parts – the body of the contribution and the interest for the organizers. By paying the buy-in, you buy yourself chips with which you will make all further bets during the game.

If a participant loses all the chips he has, he is eliminated from the competition, and sometimes he can make a re-buy – pay an additional buy-in with the same value and the same number of gambling chips – the initial stack. This function is not available in every tournament, so you should carefully read the rules or study the cash game lobby.

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